A Guide to Epoxy Flooring For Business Spaces

epoxy floor coating

When it comes to floors in business spaces, you know the traffic expects durability, cleanliness, and safety. More so if it is a business that deals with the transformation of agricultural materials into finished products for the consumer market. So if you are in charge, it is essential to ensure all the flooring aspects are in top shape.

epoxy floor coating

Meet the Industrial Flooring Law and Regulations

The flooring of the facility has to meet the regulations laid out by different regulatory bodies. For instance, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The officials from the organization carry out inspections to ensure the chemical composition of the floor coatings is within international standards. Additionally, the surfaces must pose zero risks to human contact.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also embodies different policies for implementation in your facility’s floor coatings. Also, look into the requirements of the Federal Development Authority (FDA). There are also environmental policies on floor coatings emissions, implemented through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Is the flooring in your facility capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations? Can your industrial flooring enhance the safety of your employees even with continuous exposure to moisture? What about the push and pull of equipment or loads across the floor?

Your Flooring Options for Your Business Facility

Apart from meeting the laid down requirements by law, you also have to consider the quality. Remember, it is impractical to have frequent floor rehabilitation that can be avoided by installing an excellent flooring system with the first application.

Epoxy Flooring

If you want a floor coating that is durable, and highly resistant to external physical elements, epoxy is one of the best choices for you. Furthermore, you can blend different aggregates depending on your preference. Do you want some marble as part of your flooring?- the blend is smooth. An epoxy primer and also finisher coating syncs well during the application. The results give you a hardened surface that is durable. What’s not to like about having a coating that prevents the wearing out of your concrete floors? Why not have our team of highly trained professionals installs epoxy coated floors for you.

Other Flooring Options for Businesses

Urethane Flooring- Urethane floors provide one of the best flooring options for anti-microbial protection. The feature inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can pose danger to human safety. Additionally, the flooring has improved moisture resistance which is essential for food and beverage manufacturing facilities. The thermal properties are also admirable. Simply put, the floors can withstand extreme temperature variations. Do you want to go green? Urethane floors are eco-friendly! The floor components also provide slip-resistance, which further enhances the safety of your employees.

Methyl Methacrylate (MM) Flooring- Methyl methacrylate floors are better with rapid installation. Furthermore, the floor coating has a high chemical resistance that is essential, especially if you are using abrasive chemicals. You don’t have to worry about spills from highly concentrated acids. Should your facility operate even in temperatures below zero degrees, MM floors are one of the best viable flooring options for you. Did you know the flooring has minimal odors too?

Polyureas Flooring- Products with polyurethane components embody the conservation of the environment. Not only is the coating eco-friendly, but it is also convenient for rapid installation in your food manufacturing facility. Additionally, the material has a self-leveling ability that eases the installation process. The floors too have the strength to withstand excessive physical impact. The flexibility nature of the flooring stems from its polymer characteristics, meaning it can stretch to cover gaps on your concrete floors.

With such great material options in the market, what makes epoxy so great?

Impeccable Resistance

Do you use harsh abrasives and chemicals in your facility? Worry no more. With epoxy coating, you have the minimal hassle of floor depreciation as a result of frequent cleaning. Remember, hygiene is paramount in a facility that deals with consumables. Therefore, it is easier to maintain top hygiene levels. Not to forget, epoxy coating floors also have a high tolerance to constant traffic.

The Longevity

In my own experience, using durable products saves you money in the long run while running a business. Why, you ask? Low-quality products will have a frequency of depreciating faster. Thus, you have to keep chipping in your budget to offset maintenance costs. On the other hand, epoxy coated floors are more durable than several coatings in the market. The epoxy flooring also gives a seamless floor appearance.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Do you want an impressive flooring application for your industrial facility that is appealing? Contrary to the traditional flooring types, you can incorporate different colors depending on your preference. You can also blend in various shades of color paints to improve the appearance. Additionally, epoxy floor coatings produce glossy surfaces that can last several years. The finishing can come with different variations such as gloss, semi-gloss or a matte finishing that further improves the lighting.

How About the Convenience?

Epoxy floor coatings require minimal installations. What does this mean for you? It will take less time for Babylon epoxy floors installers. Therefore, you can have your facility up and running within no time. Additionally, the coating has anti-slip components that enhance safety for your employees. Even with oil, water, or even chemical spills- safety is upheld. You also don’t have to have stringent maintenance procedures. And the good morning news? The floors are easy to clean! Irrespective of whether your concrete floor is new or old, an epoxy coating will serve perfectly.

Favorable Pricing

Unlike several flooring applications, epoxy floor coating involves direct use over your concrete floor. What does this mean for you? Fewer installation materials, therefore, overall lower costs. Additionally, epoxy installation costs per square meter are relatively small. From my experience, epoxy floor coatings require minimal maintenance, thus, saving you on maintenance costs. 

Huntington Epoxy Floors Professionals

With us, you are guaranteed in having epoxy floor coatings that have met the required standards. Additionally, do you want timely delivery while still upholding quality standards? Why not have the best epoxy floors with professional installation? Huntington Epoxy Floors will give you value for your money.

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