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A Little About the Best Epoxy Experts

There are many players in the Huntington building and construction industry. Huntington Epoxy Floors is one of them, and we specialize in flooring solutions. Our team of competent and gifted professionals has kept us afloat over the years in the turbulent ocean of stiff competition. Technology is dynamic. For that reason, we strive to keep our crew soundly acquainted with the latest trends in the flooring niche. 

Homeowners from every nook and cranny of Huntington find Huntington Epoxy Floors a worthy partner in flooring matters. We have managed to retain many of the clients we landed from the outset owing to excellent service. As our name suggests, we are specialists in the installation of epoxy floors. That is what we started with at infancy. But we expanded our services way back, and we are equally good at installing stained and polished floors. We have satisfactorily handled many stained and polished floor projects to completion.


At Huntington Epoxy Floors, we treasure all clients and treat them devoid of bias because every customer matters. You are our spark of life, whether you are a single store owner or a giant corporation with a chain of towering buildings. If you plan on giving your floor a face-lift, you can never go wrong with Huntington Epoxy Floors. We have the state-of-the-art flooring equipment and a crew that can transform your floor beyond your expectation.

Here’s What We Promise:

Quick and Convenient Projects

No homeowner wants a flooring project that takes an eternity to complete. And we are aware of that. For that reason, we try the best we can to wind up your flooring project in the quickest possible timeframe. Luckily, our team of experts is ever time-conscious and requires little supervision to complete the tasks outlined in the project schedule as per the set timelines.


Everybody wants to own something unique to them. And so, we give every flooring project a unique approach that assures a distinctive outcome. We have an assortment of colors and flooring designs from which you can make your choice. If none of the available designs enthralls you (it rarely happens), our décor experts will tailor a floor design that meets your desire.


Getting your budget wrong bears a negative impact both on your pocket and your flooring project. Fortunately, we have loads of experience as far as budgeting for a flooring project is concerned. We often advise our clients on a fulfilling and budget-friendly flooring project. Besides, our rates are reasonable, and you are sure of a return on investment (ROI) once we are done with the project.

We are the kind of contractor that values our customers and provide high-end flooring solutions at affordable rates. Because of our years of experience in the flooring industry, we are confident that our teams will handle your project with the utmost care. And because we understand you want to go back to business, be sure we’ll meet deadlines as we promise.


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We are always passionate about providing flooring solutions that stand out. Nothing pleases us as getting positive customer reviews. So, what floorings needs do you have? Let us know. We will give you a competitive quote that you will not decline. Huntington Epoxy Floors is keen on putting that flooring project behind you. Call us on (631) 364- 7736 and let’s do it!

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