Commercial Epoxy

Epoxy floors are typical in many business premises world over. There is often a lot of foot traffic in hospitals, cafes, restrooms, garages, warehouses, etc. That is why commercial landholders prefer installing epoxy floors due to their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Besides, epoxy is cheaper than other high-end flooring solutions you can find on the flooring products market.

Apart from being reasonably priced, epoxy floors are relatively easy to maintain. Plus, they last longer and take less time to install. Also, a floor coated with epoxy has an attractive sheen and smoothness, which reduces friction when people and machines move on it. Another upside is that epoxy coatings don’t crack, and they add an anti-corrosive layer to your floor. 

Statistics don’t lie. We have completed many commercial epoxy projects in Huntington that have earned us multiple referrals. From showrooms to warehouses, hotels to cafes, and hospitals to garages, we have completed many orders agreeably to our clients’ expectations.

What is Epoxy

Epoxy is an adhesive that is a polymer. Epoxy resins are used in the production of adhesives, primers, paints, and more. The products are widely used in the building and construction industry to protect concrete, wooden, and metallic structures from environmental damage. Epoxy is combined with a catalyst, and you can use heat to cure it after applying it on your floor.


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Wear Resistance

Much as epoxy coatings wear out with time, they have an impressive level of resistance to wear. The coatings are usually two-ply, and once you apply them, they become part of your floor. Epoxy floors can last for over twenty years under proper maintenance. Note that dust increases friction on your floor when there is foot and machinery traffic. As a result, scratches occur to the surface, causing it to wear out. Ensuring your floor is free of dust goes a long way in reducing the odds of wearing out quickly.

Easy to Clean

There is nothing easier than cleaning an epoxy floor. If your building is in a dusty environment, consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner to rid the floor of dust. Otherwise, a soft-bristled push broom should be enough. Moreover, you can use a mop to clean up should there be spills on your epoxy floor. 

The secret when it comes to maintenance of epoxy floors is frequent dusting and wiping spills without delays. You can also keep some epoxy resin with you to patch up areas that exhibit wear or loss of gloss.

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