Concrete Polishing

Make a Great First Impression.

Polished concrete has been trending with homeowners, business owners, and interior designers for its unique style and aesthetic appeal. Concrete polishing gives buildings space clean and professional look, which helps businesses make a great first impression on business partners, clients, and other people.

The fact that polished concrete is also highly reflective means the surface works well in places where there is inadequate natural light. If you heavily rely on artificial lighting and are concerned about the darkness, you could opt for concrete polishing to brighten up the space. But the reasons behind the soaring popularity of concrete polishing go far beyond appealing looks.

What is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a process that involves mechanically grounding, honing, and polishing the concrete floor with bonded abrasives. It also refines the floor to achieve the desired glossy, mirror-like appearance.  

To obtain high-quality polished concrete, professional contractors follow a standard procedure. They do the following:

Step 1: Remove the existing floor coatings by grinding using diamond abrasive ranging from 16 to 20 grit

Step 2: Seal cracks or joins presented on the floor using epoxies or fillers 

Step 3: Grind the sealed surface with diamond abrasives, ranging from 30 to 40 grits. Metal bonded diamond grinding of 80 and then 150 grits follow

Step 4: Apply a chemical hardener on the surface

Step 5: Use a 400 grit and then 800 grit resin bond diamond to polish the floor

Step 6: Use 1, 500 or 3,000 grit resin-bond diamond to apply the final polish

Step 7: Apply a coat of stain guard to maintain the surface


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Diverse Options

Concrete polishing gives you a stunning array of design options for scoring, coloring, and creating radial borders, bands, grids, lines, and more. Stains and dyes are the most common alternatives for improving existing polished concrete. With stained polished concrete, dyed polished concrete, polished concrete overlays, or plain gray polished concrete, you have plenty of design options that you can use to enhance your property’s aesthetic value and reap the following benefits as well:

Stain Resistant

Once the surface of polished concrete floors is sealed and densified, they become dense enough to repel contaminants such as oil and water.
Even though these floors are stain-resistant, you need to address spills adequately. Otherwise, they may stain. Some of the common stains that you can see on your polished concrete if you fail to clean it as required are wine, vinegar, laundry soaps, fruit juice, and pet stains. The pH of these liquids is exceptionally high, enabling them to etch many superficial surfaces, including some that are stain-resistant.

Reduced Electric Bill

Diamond selection and grinding techniques affect the light reflectivity of polished concrete. Depending on how they are used, you can get a high gloss finish, medium gloss industrial finish, or matte finish. 

High gloss finish is the most suitable solution for high-end real estate, showrooms, and other places where people value high shine and sharp reflection, which helps to keep the facilities cool during hot weather. This lowers help you to save on cooling systems and, therefore, reduce energy consumption. 

Medium gloss finish is suitable for indoor public spaces, retail areas, and shop fronts. They are also aesthetically appealing and reflect some light and heat. Matte finish is ideal for commercial floors that prioritize flooring functionality more than decorative appeal.

Relaxed Maintenance

All you need to protect the high quality of your polished concrete for an extended period is regular mopping and sweeping. If you have a small space, such as a shop, office, or shop, you not necessarily have to spend money to do this as required. For a large facility, you will save a lot of money due to the floor’s simplicity. 

What makes concrete polish easy to maintain? Unlike tiles, which requires a lot of effort to protect, polished concrete is extremely hard, and you cannot break it with ease. And unlike carpets, you will not require regular steam cleaning. Due to these qualities, polished concrete floors are incredibly durable, which means you do not need to worry about replacing it. 

Some people are concerned by the fact that some liquids can stain these floors. But that should not be your concern if you take some precautions to avoid the spillages. You are even much safer if you are prepared to follow the right steps to clean your floor appropriately if the liquids spill on it.

If you clean up any spillages on your polished concrete flooring within the shortest time possible, you will not see any stains. You should follow these basic steps to address spillages:

  • Use absorbent materials like cloth, paper to remove much of the spill
  • Mop the area with warm water (You may need to add a pH neutral cleaner or any appropriate alkaline cleaner)
  • If the spillage has overstayed on the floor, you can reach out to your trusted specialist advisor

Slip Resistant

Concrete polishing pushes the concrete molecules closer together but leaves the end product slightly porous. For that reason, dry and clean polished concrete provides excellent foot traction. But polished concrete has superior slip resistance when wet. The way water interacts with the roof’s porous surface can provide an additional grip for people’s shoes. However, like many other types of flooring, spilled oil and other slippery chemicals can reduce the slip resistance. 

Polished concrete flooring is generally slippery in dusty conditions. When dry powder glides over the floor’s surface, it makes walking in the surface difficult and dangerous. This is why many experts do not recommend polished concrete in manufacturing plants that generate too much sawdust.

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