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Any building, be it commercial, industrial or residential, must have a floor. The only thing that differs is the type of flooring system you have. When choosing a flooring for your home, or garage, you need to take into account things like durability, beauty, versatility in design, and of course, cost. 


Considering the many options available for flooring, it gets daunting to choose the right one that fits your needs. But, having little knowledge about a particular flooring is essential. If you’ve been struggling to get the right floor for your building, you’ve landed on the right page.


Here is all you need to know about epoxy floors

What is Epoxy

Epoxy is a term used to describe a type of material as well as the action of using those materials. In terms of the material- epoxy is an idiosyncratic floor material that has continued to gain increased popularity over time. It is made by mixing hardening and resin materials which are later poured on a concrete surface to form a hard plastic floor. The results are a strong, resistant, and durable floor.

This many benefits make epoxy flooring suitable for use in places with high traffic like hospitals, industries, and commercial buildings. But still, they can be used at home. What’s more, it is easier to install epoxy floors as compared to other flooring options.

If you are looking to add some decor to your home, epoxy flooring could still be an option. This is because it creates a shiny surface that brightens up the interior of your building. Besides, you have different colors to choose from.

Types of Epoxy Application

Solid Color

Solid color epoxy flooring has been branded as the most durable coating of all times, and any professional will recommend it over other epoxy applications. If well cared for, this application lasts for up to 20 good years. With this method, the epoxy flooring is solidified using hardeners thus creating a bond with the concrete substrates. 


Solid color epoxy flooring is best applicable in areas with a high risk of possible abrasions due to constant foot traffic. Also, it can be used in parking lots to protect the floor against hot tire marks. For industries producing or using chemicals that may react with floors made of potent chemical substances, epoxy flooring is the perfect solution.

However, solid epoxy coatings are very sensitive to temperature thus, the installer must check to ascertain that the surface is free from moisture. If done well, the coating achieves a layer of up to two millimeters thick, thus giving your floor the full protection it needs. Besides, it can also be used to seal cracked floors before applying the other types of epoxy. The only challenge with this coating is that it is harder to apply due to its high viscosity. 


Looking for an attention-grabbing feature to lure customers to your business area? Metallic epoxy flooring is a perfect solution. The application is simply a mixture of a metallic pigment and a yellowing epoxy used on a concrete surface to create a 3D illusion. 


The application provides for any kind of resistance you need- be it chemical or slip-resistant, to make your workplace safe. This explains why metallic epoxy flooring is commonly used in commercial and industrial areas.


However, you have to be careful with how you install this type of floor since the outcome relies on how it is applied/installed. If done correctly, metallic epoxy flooring furnishes your structure with a clean elegance free from any blemish. Of course, surface preparation is critical not only for metallic epoxy but also for other epoxy applications. 


When installing an epoxy flooring, several elements are combined, including powdered metals like bronze, aluminum, and copper, depending on your desired outcome. If you need appealing results, ignore the DIY kits and let a professional install the metallic epoxy flooring for you.

Epoxy Flake

If you want to add some beauty to your home or area of business, epoxy flake is the way to go. This is not a type of epoxy flooring, but rather it is an approach of applying an epoxy coating to your concrete floor. Epoxy flakes are best for areas exposed to water.


In this technique, chips/flakes are added on a wet epoxy coating to produce a fine/decorative look. The good thing about epoxy flakes is that they come in multiple colors, giving you many options to make your floor more stylish. What’s more, the flakes can be made of anything you like or want, which makes it easier to personalize your flooring.

Self Leveling

As the name suggests, this type of epoxy application is easier to install since it levels itself while spreading all over the surface. It can be used on old and new concrete structures/floors. Do not mistake the shiny feature of self-leveling epoxy flooring for a slippery floor. The application is slip-resistant, making your flooring safe.

And again, if you are looking to decorate your home or area of business, self-leveling epoxy flooring should not miss on your to-do list. The application comes in multiple colors, which can be used to create decorative patterns and designs on your surface. Besides, you can use it to create a well-designed logo of your business on the epoxy floor.


The smooth and seamless feature of self-leveling epoxy flooring makes it effortless to move heavy objects around the building. This is why they are commonly used in commercial and industrial areas such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial garages
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Showrooms


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Residential Epoxy Garages

Whether you want to bring a beautiful elegance to your home or create a safe working environment for your employees, epoxy flooring is the way to go. It has particularly become a residential flooring product because of the multiple choices available. You can easily select the best flooring that aligns with your design needs. What’s more, epoxy floors are durable and require little maintenance, hence you save on maintenance cost. If you haven’t’ installed epoxy flooring just yet, now is the right time.

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