Garage Floor Epoxy

Are you struggling with finding the right flooring solution for your garage? Worry no more because epoxy flooring has all the characteristics you need. Epoxy is a coating installed on a concrete surface to make it durable and resistant to things like chemicals, heat, shock, and water. And again, epoxy keeps your garage floor slip-resistant- unless you make it wet by spilling water or oil on the surface.

Also, with the many vehicles expected at the garage any time, you will want a floor that can sustain heavy traffic and weight. Trust epoxy garage floors to do this for you.

Installing an epoxy floor will cost you less than you can imagine. This explains why the flooring solution have gained popularity worldwide. The versatility in color and design lets you customize your garage floor by adding anything you want. But, of course, this requires a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and skills- something we already have.

What’s more appealing about this flooring solution is the ease of maintenance. All you have to do is keep the floor free from dirt and debris as this forms a recipe for damages.

Also, with the shiny surface of epoxy floors, you will have all the light to illuminate your garage, thus creating clear visibility – especially beneath vehicles.

Epoxy Garage Floor Design

Epoxy floors provide hundreds of designs and colors which you can use to customize your garage. Whether you want to design your business logo on the floor or mark spaces for vehicle parking, epoxy floors can do that.

However, you have to select the right contractor who knows how to customize epoxy floors.  Huntington epoxy floors have the knowledge, skills, experience and equipment to design your garage floor the way you want. If you have no clue, we will give your expert advice and also a gallery of various designs and colors to choose from.

Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance

Just like any other floor, epoxy garage floors must be properly maintained to increase their lifespan. The good news is that epoxy garage floors are the easiest to maintain.

Use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe up vehicle drippings or other minor spills. However, for routine cleaning, you have to get yourself a quality dust mop- available on Amazon or at any local home improvement centre. Use it to clean and remove dirt and debris from the epoxy garage floor. Alternatively, you can use a soft bristle to keep the floor clean.

For heavy-duty cleaning, use ammonia, foam mop, and hot water.

Popularity of Epoxy Garage Floors

You may be wondering why epoxy floors are increasingly gaining popularity all over the world, and we are here to tell you why. First, the floors are easier to install and maintain. You only need a soft cloth to wipe away oil spills and other car drippings.

And again, epoxy garage floors are very durable and will serve you longer than you can imagine. This explains why they are used in places that receive high traffic and heavyweight like garages.


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