The short answer is “not always.”

The condition of the existing concrete structure is essential when wanting to apply a concrete coating. And as such, surface preparation plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you achieve desired results. There should be no cracks on the surface, and if there is any, it should be filled using the right products. 


Some concrete floors that have had a huge amount of deterioration just end up crumbling when you grind it. There isn’t much we can do about that aside from an epoxy slurry on top of the existing concrete.

Yes, Of Course

With concrete coatings, you can do more than your imaginations. Whether you want to design a business logo on your floor or want to mark spaces in your area of work, a concrete coating can do it.

The list is endless, but you have to go for the right expert who knows how to customize your concrete flooring.

Very durable!

But, life expectancy will depend on various factors like:

  • The type and lifespan of the products used

  • Amount and thickness of the product being used

  • The amount of traffic the surface receives

To ensure your concrete coating lasts for long, you must adopt some maintenance measures like cleaning to remove dirt and debris on the surface. Surface preparation before installing a concrete layer goes a long way.

Also, selecting the right coating products like epoxy guarantees longevity of your concrete surfaces with minimum maintenance.


Shrinkage occurs when excess water is used in the mix. As the concrete surface hardens and dries, the excess water used in the combination evaporates, causing the structure to shrink. As a result, the forces within the concrete pull the slab apart, causing it to crack.

Other causes include the absence of control joints and speedy drying of the concrete structure. 

The good thing about cracked concrete is that the surface can be made whole again.

Wide concrete cracks are repaired using a concrete patching compound. Smaller cracks require only a liquid filler or concrete caulk to be repaired.

However, before applying any sealant or filler to cracked concrete, you must diagnose the crack to see beyond the visible damage. Identify the cause of the crevice, and start from there. Then, prepare the surface well by removing any debris around it. Apply the sealant or filler as required.

If not addressed from the cause, and using the right products, concrete cracks are likely to reappear.

    1. Surface preparation – clean the concrete to remove any dirt, debris, oil, and other substances that may cause the overlay not to bond well. A power washer does fine in this process. Also, any paints, coatings, or sealants must be stripped away in readiness for the overlay. 

    2. Repair – Use fabric and polymer concrete to repair any cracks. Use an epoxy mortar to fill any holes on the concrete. The surface must be even for the overlay to bond well.

    3. Covering the surface (resurfacing) – apply the right resurfacing material and evenly spread it over the concrete. Use a trowel to achieve an elegant finish. 

    4. Sealing and coloring – if you need to customize your concrete, this is the time. After that, apply a seal coat to protect the new concrete surface from stains and other chemicals used when cleaning the surface.

    5. Curing – leave the surface for about 48-72 hours to cure. During this period, avoid stepping on the concrete as this may cause cracks on the surface.

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This refers to using stains for a concrete finish.

The process involves using an acid (reactive) or water-based (non-reactive) substance known as the concrete stain to decorate concrete surfaces.

Polished concrete is the results of a floor polishing process that involves;

  •  Grinding a concrete surface with specialized machines.

  • Honing.

  • Using bonded adhesives to polish the surface and achieve a subtle finish- the surface becomes reflective thereafter.

  • Polished concrete surfaces are cost-effective, easy to clean, and long-lasting. This explains why they are widely used in industrial buildings and other areas that receive high traffic.

Our 3 part epoxy garage floors can be installed in 1 day if crack repair is minimal. The size of your garage and workforce on ground can also contribute on how long the epoxy installation takes.

Based on the type of epoxy floor system you need, the price can range anywhere from $5.00 to $13.00 per square foot. Standard flakes are at the low end and custom metallic epoxy is at the high end of the spectrum.


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